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Can you believe there are some children out there that do Not have any Grandparents? Help us make things right. Sign up today to be a Grandparent or for a Child in need. You may also donate to our worthy cause.

Become a volunteer GrandParent

If you think you have what it takes to help a young person grow to become a healthy adult, here in Golden Bay, please sign up as a prospective grandparent on our mailing list or contact us directly at

Become a Supporter

You can always give money to this worthy cause. Grandparents needs people who are willing to give of their own monies to help support the people who are volunteering their time to be Grandparents and connect with families. Press one of the buttons below to use your Debit or Credit Card. (yes it costs … Continue reading

Find a GrandParent for Children

If you are looking for a Grandparent to help influence the healthy development of your own child or a child you know, sign up to our mailing list below to be contacted or email us directly at

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